Thursday, June 26, 2014

Newfound, Old Treasures...

I'm wearing a newfound, old treasure... Actually, I'm wearing two newfound, old treasures...

Can you guess which pieces they are?  If you guessed my enamel pendant, you are, indeed, correct.  I bought it last month at a local antique shop. I adore enamel jewelry--especially vintage pieces.

Did you guess the other newfound, old treasure I'm wearing? It's my shoes!

I have owned these Teva sandals since 2000.  I enjoyed wearing them the first year or so after I bought them. Then, they were "shelved." The other day I pulled them out and enjoyed donning them on my day trip to Lake Huron.  They kept my feet comfy, and they paired perfectly with my outfit.

 Top: L.L. Bean
Shorts: Jones New York
Enamel Pendant: Vintage (bought at local antique store)
Sandals: Teva (and. a newfound, old treasure)
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunnies: Vera Bradley
Handbag: Fossil

Newfound, old treasures are great--whether they are thrift shop purchases or things we bring out of storage (from our own collections).  Share with me a fave newfound, old treasure of yours--with me.  I'd love hearing about it!

Joy & peace, T.