Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sustainable Fashion...

I am a strong believer that what I wear can be environmentally friendly.  Buying clothing that's thrifted and consigned means I'm saving unique + fabulous clothing items from landfills (while personally reaping the benefits!).


Even new clothing purchases can be environmentally friendly, too.  My intention is to buy items I'll wear for years to come.  Doing so spares me from frequent consuming; making this a "greener" choice as well!

Much of what I'm wearing in these pics is either consigned or quality pieces I've had for some time now.  The jeans I'm wearing... Well, I found these amongst my son's discarded items from his undergrad college days.  I'm pretty certain one of his former gal pals left them behind a few years ago.  Guess that makes them my "rescued" jeans, now...

Like the grain bins?  Our local university is HUGE on supporting environmentally-friendly practices. They even have a strategy for sustainable dining.  Cool, huh?

 Sunnies: Firmoo
T-shirt: Crown Jewel (softest cotton tee I've encountered yet!)
Jeans: Aeropostale ("rescued")
Heels: Nine & Co. via JCP
Handbag: Vintage Coach (via Etsy)
Cardigan: Liz Claiborne (a closet fave for years)
Watch: Michael Kors (gifted)
Stone Bracelet: Gift shop in Nassau, Bahamas
Wooden Bangle: Vintage (and consigned)
Necklace: Vintage Monet (via area antique shop)

Talk to me about environmentally-friendly fashion practices you employ.  I'm listening (smile)!

Joy & peace, T.

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