Sunday, January 26, 2014

Being Inspired Invites Creative Opportunity

May I never stop being inspired--by nature, art, experiences and others' creative expressions!  You see... When I'm inspired, I'm open to life's possibilities. Being inspired means I'm inviting opportunity to embrace me--full on...

The outfit I'm wearing today was inspired by a photo posted on the Two Birds' blog for this week's Inspirational Monday link-up (where I'll be linking this post).  It's what I wore Saturday evening to dinner out at a local campus pub with Mark.

Saturday, where I live, was snowy, incredibly cold and laden with gusts of strong wind that seemed to come out of no where.  Initially, I had no idea what to wear--given the environment.  Then, I decided to let inspiration guide me a bit...

Being inspired has never failed me.  It's always allowed creativity the opportunity to join me in whatever endeavor I have undertaken.

 Beret: Vintage via Etsy
Chambray Shirt: Fossil
Sweater: J Crew
Gloves: Coach (vintage)
Jeans: Aeropostale
Suede Boots: Payless
Handbag: Coach (vintage)

Where do you find inspiration?  How do you use inspiration to create opportunities in your life?  Please share your insights!

Joy & peace, T.