Sunday, January 12, 2014

Style Views: Leggings...

Leggings... Folks seem to either love or hate 'em.  I like them; truly.  I just don't always believe them to be styled ( properly.

These pics display what I wore to my standing Saturday morning breakfast date (downtown) with Mark.  It was raining and the snow was melting (which equates to messy, still-cool weather). Plus, I was not headed into the office.  Hence, it was a perfect time to don the leggings.

I (personally) do not ever see myself wearing leggings to the office or a business function.  The exception to that is I have seen women wear them under dresses and skirts for added warmth in extremely cold weather.  They're peeking out between the dress or skirt and a pair of tall boots.  There are some great sweater versions of leggings--I've seen styled this way. That (in my opinion) works fine in a professional setting.

Even in a casual environment (e.g. a breakfast date on my day off), I always make sure my shirt falls no shorter than the top of my thigh (for me, the longer the better).  It's likely difficult to see, but I have even added a long cardigan to this outfit for additional coverage (it's peeking out in a few of these photos).  For a better look at my cardigan, check out this past post.

Umbrella: Target
Sunnies: Nine West
Boots: Relativity
Handbag: Coach (vintage via Etsy)
Infinity Scarf: Handmade via Etsy Vendor
Cardigan: BCBG via T.J. Maxx
Long-sleeved (and oversized) T-shirt: Old Navy
Leggings: Chico's
Pendant: Tiffany (vintage via Etsy)
Gloves: Isotoner (vintage, gifted)
Trench Coat: Target

Do you like wearing leggings?  What are your opinions on how to best style them?  Would love to hear! P.S. I'm linking this post (on Monday) to the Two Birds' blog.  Check out others (likely) wearing their leggings there!

Joy and peace, T.