Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saying "No" as a Self-Care Essential...

Long ago and far away there lived a woman who often sacrificed her own needs for the sake of others.  Saying "yes" to many obligations she never wanted to undertake, this woman's energies were often unbalanced and spread quite thinly...

A few days ago, I (and several others) received an email from a woman, who works alongside us on a community-based committee.   Her whole purpose for sending this email was to apologize (profusely) for telling someone she couldn't take on additional obligations.

My response to her was this: "Saying "No" is one of my most prized self-care secrets! :)"  You see, I used to be the individual referred to at the beginning of this post... My greatest wish for the woman who recently said "No" is that she comes to understand the grace of doing so!

Living authentically, and with my concept of self-celebration always in focus, means valuing the fact I simply cannot be everything to everyone.  At least, I can't do so and still count myself as a productive, balanced individual.  In other words, when I take on too much--or things that don't resonate with my soul--I'm really not doing any good for anyone!

I'm far happier, and of better service to this world when I'm doing what my heart calls me to do. Saying "No" maximizes my potential (making this what's best for not only me--but for everyone else as well).

Sunnies: Target
Silk Blouse: Lord & Taylor (vintage via Etsy)
Cashmere Sweater: No brand (and over 10 years old!)
Velvet Maxi Skirt: Notations (and old!)
Gloves: Coach (vintage via Etsy)
Boots: Nine West
Handbag: Marc Jacobs
Turquoise Pendant: Wandering Turtle Boutique (Bloomington, IN)

Have you learned the grace of saying "No," yet?  Would love hearing your thoughts about this!

Joy and peace, T.