Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Recycled, Downton Abbey Style

Hello, All!  Here, in northwest Ohio, we've experienced four days' worth of heavy snow, high winds, and sub-zero temperatures.  Needless to say, it's not the sort of weather for fashion blog photo shoots!

As a result, I'm "recycling" portions of a post written last winter (I've added a few new pieces into this post). The impetus to do so follows Sunday evening's premiere of Downton Abbey (which I am totally hooked on, BTW!)! 

Featured below, are a few of my fave pieces of vintage jewelry (recycled stuff--so to speak).  I adore anything that hints of being Art Deco.  How about you?

Czech glass, Art Deco (via Etsy)

Sweet glass beads I purchased from an antique shop "down the road" from me

Lux glass strand (hand-knotted) purchased from a British Etsy shop owner
(May have been what a real Downton Abbey femme would have worn, perhaps!)

Sparkly Eiffel Tower pin I purchased from a French Etsy vendor
(Makes me think of the movie Midnight in Paris!)

This brooch definitely looks early 1900's...
Purchased this lovely during an artist's date taken last fall.

Of course, I love anything pink!  What do you think about these brooches? 
The larger one is from Etsy; smaller one I bought at an antique shop in southern Ohio.

Mourning jewelry... All were purchased at area antique shops.

Sparkly beads (more antique shop finds)

What's your fave piece in my collection?  Would love to hear!

Joy & hugs, T.