Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bliss: Better Late Than Never

Last Sunday afternoon, I was listening to a podcast interview while tidying up Bradley Manor a bit.  The woman, being interviewed, mentioned enjoying a particularly beautiful sunset.  Merely hearing the word "sunset" made me take pause...

Quite honestly, at that point, I couldn't remember the last time I savored an evening sunset.  Perhaps it was last fall--before it got so very cold outdoors...

Often, I find there's an inclination to say, "I should have..." or "Isn't that a shame I didn't..." This time, however, it wasn't the direction I chose...

Instead--post dinner, I stood looking out one of the larger windows in my home--totally engrossed in a sacred winter sunset.  I say, "Better late than never."  BTW, did you catch the gorgeous full moon this week?  I did; enjoying its glory a few mornings ago--while sipping a cup of java (smile).

Coat: DKNY
Sweater: Zara
Sunnies: Dollar Tree
Beanie: Asos
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Glass Beads: Antique Shop
Boyfriend Jeans:  Bitten/Sarah Jessica Parker
Boots: Nine West
Handbag: Vera Bradley
Fingerless Gloves: Yak & Yeti

Where have you rediscovered bliss as of late? Would love hearing about it.

Joy and peace, T.