Monday, January 6, 2014

Journaling Insights...

It's no secret.  I'm an avid journaler.

As of late, I've uncovered a few insights--thanks to my journal.

Thought I'd share several...
  • I seek to spend more time magnifying the bliss in my life and less time blowing little "issues" out of proportion;
  • Most of what I deem to be "problems" are first-world annoyances, and I should be thankful that they are merely that (versus far worse).
  • Yes, life can (sometimes) be stressful, but I am truly without any major challenges.  My loved ones are healthy, and we are happy.  Truly, is there more than this?
  • Life's simple moments (laughing with my children, preparing a meal with my husband, walking outdoors in nature, catching a glimpse of the moon from my window at night) bring me the greatest joy.
  • When concerns arise, recognizing what's really "at issue" is always a step in the right direction.
Cashmere Coat: Neiman Marcus 
Faux Fur Scarf: Gifted (xo, Andrew & Amanda!!!)
Turtleneck: Target
Poet's Blouse/Tunic: Chico's
Leggings: Chico's
Boots: Nine West
Gloves: Isotoner (vintage)
Sunnies: Vera Bradley
Handbag: Coach (vintage via Etsy)
Beanie: Happy Badger Trading Post (local)

If you dare, share your life's most recent insights.  Would adore hearing them!

Joy and peace, T.

BTW, I'm linking today to Two Birds' blog.  Join me and others there!