Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Creatively Styling on a Cold Winter's Day

At first glance, there's nothing truly novel about what I'm wearing in these pics... Readers of this blog will likely recognize several pieces, here--as I've styled them before.

My creative expression is hidden under my coat--thanks to the sub-zero temps we began experiencing late last week.  You see, weather like that simply demands I bundle up when outdoors--even if only for a moment.

Cold aside, I did unbutton my coat for a few minutes. Yes, I'm simply wearing black and winter white--paired lovingly together.

Look a bit closer, though... Appears I'm wearing a skirt and sweater. Doesn't it? I'm not, though...

I'm actually wearing a black shift dress that's been topped off with a cashmere sweater and blazer.  I simply added a belt at the waistline to give the appearance of a belted skirt. I love finding creative ways to pair what's already in my closet (especially on a cold winter's day).  Don't you?

Coat: L.L. Bean
Gloves: Moschino
Beanie: Asos
Sunnies: Dollar Tree
Infinity Scarf: Handmade via Etsy 
Cashmere Sweater: Michael Kors
Belt: No Brand
Dress: I.N. Studio
Tights: Apt. 9 via Kohl's
Booties: Nine West
Blazer: Ralph Lauren

Wishing you an awesome day!  Joy and peace! T.