Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Few Healing Days...

It's amazing how well I'm feeling today!  Having spent the past three days home from work battling what I have termed "the cold of all colds," gratitude for improved health is what resonates most with me on this lovely Thursday morning. That, and the fact that I have made sound decisions regarding my own well-being...

You see, only a few years ago, I know I'd have rushed back to work after a day or two here at home--whether I was fit to do so or not.  The result would have been my feeling yucky for the next week or so... This time, my body and mind both urged me to fully heal myself before heading back into the office.  Feeling ill, still, yesterday morning, I decided to spend the day at home.  The result? By afternoon, I found myself beginning to feel so much better. I am, today, feeling (almost) good as new.

A few things transpired in my days, at home, healing... Peeking out the window, yesterday evening, I spied the sweet lavender mums (pictured above) beginning to bloom in one of my front garden beds.  Excited, I stepped out to snap a photo--discovering my white mums were also blooming in an adjacent flower bed (Yes, that's them pictured below!).

There's an old saying (or maybe it's a song...) "What a difference a day makes."  This so relates to how I am feeling this morning.  Aside from that, I also realize what a difference I, myself, make in determining what is best for my own well-being.

Joy, peace and happy "Little Friday."  T.