Thursday, October 17, 2013

Self Care: Stop + Drop Into a Moment...

Yesterday, I found myself feeling somewhat rushed as I dressed for work.  Not only did I have an off-site meeting to get to, I first needed to drop by my office beforehand.  Oh yes, add to that, I'd slept in a few minutes later than normal (which really didn't help the matter).

Out of the corner of my eye, though, I caught a glimpse of the early morning sky from the bathroom window.  It was the most luscious periwinkle blue imaginable.  I stopped for a few seconds to admire it. That moment of simple beauty instantly brought me back to a far more Zen state of mind.

Later, back at my office (post the day's first meeting), I (once again) found myself feeling a bit "harried."  On my calendar was an early afternoon meeting in Toledo, and I was trying to accomplish as much as I could before leaving for it.

Then, I got a text from Mark asking how my day was going.  My response was, "Feeling rushed. Very busy."  His was, "Sorry, Baby.  Take a minute to stop and smell the roses."  Hmmm... Amazing how quickly I'd forgotten that this works...

That's okay.  This time, the sentiment stuck with me (smile).  The lovely two top pics in this post are of a gorgeous tree whose berries had turned the most autumnal shade of orange imaginable.  I snapped them while enjoying their glory--a few minutes before heading into the office building where my afternoon meeting was held.

The pinker-than-pink mums were outside my own office building.  Every year, the sight of these pink mums make me smile.   Yesterday was the first time, this season, I had even noticed they were in bloom.  So, glad I took the time to do so--upon my return to Bowling Green.

What sweet moments have recently brought you joy?  Would love hearing about them!

Joy + peace, T.