Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Journal Reading Reflections

A sense of somber touches my world today.  One year ago, today, we tragically lost Mark's beautiful sister, Becky.

Last eve, feeling a sense of need to nurture myself through reflection, I pulled my journal from the dresser.  Without thought, I grabbed an older journal as well.  Turns out it was the one I was using last year at this same time.

I headed to the patio to write... But, I couldn't.  My thoughts were all a jumble and the words just wouldn't flow.  I found myself snapping a few photos and simply zoning out for a time.

After a while, I decided to open my older journal and read.  You see, past journal reading forays have taught me there's a sense of wisdom and guidance in doing so...

Just before I headed indoors, a sweet hummingbird hovered over the pot of flowers before me for a few seconds, bringing me comforting thoughts.  Leaving the patio, I understood the time I had taken for myself was well spent.

Take a moment to hug a loved one today.  Reach out to someone faraway that you miss dearly. Let a special person know how you feel about them. While you are at it, be sure and nurture yourself. You won't regret it.

Love and peace. T.