Monday, October 28, 2013

Reclaiming Past Passions...

Last Friday eve, Mark and I headed downtown for a fab fundraiser: Tales From the Tombstones.  We attendees first met up at the Clazel, a beautiful old theater that's been transformed into a pub/event center.  The historic character of this building has been well-preserved--inside and out--which I adore!

After dinner + drinks, we boarded a bus and headed to various sites, locally, for scads of history.  Of course, ghost stories were sprinkled into all we saw and heard. Seems our little town has a very interesting past!

Sometimes, I forget how much I enjoy anything historic...  You see, even though my graduate degree is in Public Administration, I was a History major as an undergraduate.  And...I absolutely adored every minute of learning about past places, events and people...

I always tell myself I love vintage due to its impact upon our environment.  This still stands as true. I'm now realizing, though, my passion is equally related to my adoration for the past as well.

The pics featured in this post are of me en route to Friday eve's event.  I sported something (aside from my spooky gloves) that was seasonally appropriate and it is certainly historic: Victorian mourning beads.

Beanie: Forever 21
Sunnies: Target
Jet Mourning Beads: Vintage (purchased at an antique shop in southern Ohio)
Turtleneck: TranquiliT
Fisherman Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger (mint, consigned)
Jeans: Chico's
Boots: Nine West
Fingerless Gloves: Yak & Yeti

What passions would you like to reclaim?  Would love to hear about them!  Rediscovering past passions equals newfound joy--in my opinion!

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Joy and peace, T.