Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Blues File=A Place to Gain Perspective

Yesterday, I treated myself to lunch out with a gal pal.  What a wonderful decision that was!

Both she and I work management level jobs, and share similar responsibilities at work.  Our occasional lunchtime get-togethers are a fab way to offer each other peer support.  Amidst yesterday's chit chat, I mused, "I sometimes wonder if what I do is really making a difference."

She shared with me a great concept for gaining perspective when she asks herself that same question--referring to it as a "blues file."  In it, she keeps letters from consumers who have written notes of gratitude, photos of projects she's seen through from start to finish, and emails demonstrating where progress has been made.  What a great idea, huh? An at-a-glance resource like this truly can demonstrate the impact one has made.

Cardigan: Ralph Lauren (gift from Mark many years ago)
Jean Shirt: Piace Boutique (Bloomington, IN)
Wrap Skirt: Ralph Lauren (thrifted)
Sunnies: Helix (Kohl's)
Statement Necklace: Bought from a talented friend who made it herself!
Tights: Simply Vera Wang (Kohl's)
Shoes: Nine West
Handbag: The Leather Satchel Company via Asos

I don't know about you, but I'm really loving the color blue this season!  I'm also excited to create a blues file of my own.  Do you have one or something similar that allows you to gain a clearer sense of the difference your efforts make?

Joy, hugs and peace!  T.