Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Journal: The Place Where Questions are Answered

Collage from my art journal (September 11, 2013)

More recently, I've utilized my journal a bit differently than I have in the past.  I ask myself questions via my journal.  For example:
  • What's the most logical next step I can take?
  • How can I successfully resolve this issue?
  • Why am I feeling strangely about _____?
  • What is it I seek from this new venture I've undertaken?
  • etc., etc.. etc.
Here's what I am finding about this process... Sometimes, I'll pose a question; then, I'll write about another matter that is totally unrelated.  Mid-journal post, I'll intuitively understand the answer to my question.  At other times, I'll write, and the answer will come to me a short time afterwards.  And, there are those instances where (post asking the question), I'll launch into a writing session where I pose different scenarios--eventually arriving at an answer I'm comfortably confident about.  

Case in point is that this process is one that's working for me.  Of course, a huge part of its success is that I'm trusting those inner, intuitive inklings I get--more readily each day (which is a practice that builds upon itself over time and with effort).

What about you?  Do you pose questions to yourself via your journal?  How do you find this process works for you?  Would adore hearing about your experience.

Joy and peace, T.