Friday, September 27, 2013

How Do You Define Casual?

Today's a bit casual.  You see, I've gifted myself a vacation day from work--simply to relax and play!

How do you define casual?  These days, it's more of an attitude (to me) than anything else.

Take for example these pics--freshly-manicured trees equals a lot less shade and a bit too much exposure to sunshine.  Add to that Bowling Green's ever-present windiness--as well as the fact that Mark and I couldn't seem to get it together (he was snapping while I was distracted, dealing with flyaway hairs, fixing my sunnies, etc., etc., etc.)... I decided to have a bit of fun and use these photos anyway. That's the epitome of me being casual--not taking things too seriously... It's not a bad feeling, either!

Of course, there's the subject of business casual attire, too... What I'm wearing in these pics might be defined by some as business casual.  Business casual to me is determined by what's on my calendar in a given work day.  Some days, business casual means a nice sweater paired with a pair of white jeans or a dress topped off with a jean jacket.  Other days, it's a nice pair of slacks and a blazer--along with a whimsically printed blouse.

Business casual attire is something each of has to define for ourselves.  To me, it's the practice of dressing professionally, but with artsy flair. I can include statement vintage pieces, leopard print and even neon accents--should I choose... Yet, the underlying message is that I'm seriously ready to get down to business--if need be...

Riding Jacket: Anne Klein (vintage via Etsy)
Leopard Print Tunic: No Brand (and vintage via Etsy)
Pants: Chico's
Belt: Betsey Johnson (vintage via Etsy)
Kitten Heels: No Brand (and old!)
Glass Art Deco Necklace: Vintage via Etsy
Sunnies: Target

How do you define casual? In life and dress?  Would love to hear your definitions of both!

Joy and peace!  T.