Thursday, September 26, 2013

What I'm Trimming From My Life This Fall

Last week, we had a few of the larger trees in our yard professionally trimmed. an overwhelming difference this simple bit of shedding made!  Post removal of the added, unnecessary load, remained lovely streamlined trees--so much lighter and freer...

That led me to think... If it works in nature, why not in life? As a result, I'm hoping to trim something highly undesirable from my own life: self-judgment.  You see, I'm actually already pretty good at directing my thoughts in a loving, self-caring manner.  It's a skill that has come about after several years' worth of daily self-affirming.  Even so, self-judging thoughts...well, those sometimes just happen, unfortunately.

My goal, this season, is to mindfully redirect thoughts that don't serve me--every time they show up.  Perhaps, I'll trim them out--entirely--at some point--as I firmly believe practice makes perfect (smile).

Recognize these little sweets?  They are the lovely mums that yielded another recent life lesson via nature.  Each day, they are moving closer to their fullest glory...  Now, that is inspiring!

Have a beautiful Thursday!  Joy and peace, T.