Monday, September 2, 2013

My Feel-Good September Dreams...

Art journal feel good...
September 1, 2013

One evening, last week, I cozied up with my beloved art journal.  My task: create a summer 2013 Brag List.

What I found to be amazingly enlightening, afterwards, was the fact that the majority of what I recorded dealt with wonderful ways I had felt this past summer--versus what accomplishments had been chalked up (and, truly, it's not an issue of there being none!).  Poring over what I'd sketched onto the collage I'd created were many a "feel-good" manifestations experienced this past summer.  Listed below are a mere few:
  • felt self-confident
  • felt worthy
  • felt pretty
  • embraced safe places; avoided those that weren't
  • was mindful when it counted most
  • let my light shine
  • was brave
  • didn't judge myself
  • didn't push myself 
  • realized my gifts...
In that spirit, here are my dreams for this lovely new month, September:
  • feel fab
  • stretch
  • read
  • grow
  • shift
  • practice mindfulness
  • live well
  • stand tall
  • grasp joy
What feel-good do you have planned for this month?  I would relish hearing about it! 

Love, joy and peace!  T.