Friday, September 13, 2013

Frivolous Bliss

Like my new sunnies?  I picked them up on my lunch break, yesterday.  They were freebies a local vendor was passing out during an event known as CampusFest.  What a blast, huh?  Maybe, I'll sport them (in the near future) with a LBD and the skulls scarf I bought in Boston this summer (smile).

Yes, I practice yoga, journal, affirm, attempt mindful living and even (sometimes) meditate.  These are seriously solid measures that bring me bliss.  So, too, however, do little moments of frivolity--those times when I engage in the joy of silly, childlike abandon.

To me a balanced life means just that.  Take for example yesterday: In my mind, I did all the "right" stuff.  I worked hard, ate right, affirmed, engaged in a bit of exercise, gave gratitude for life's simple treasures...  Later on, though, I indulged in a bowl of popcorn (laden with parmesan cheese) and a glass (okay, two glasses) of Chardonnay while watching a silly (yet, enjoyable) old movie from the 80's (Stakeout).

You see, the healthy practices sustain me, but splashes of frivolity are what I call the "spice of life."  In fact, I firmly believe a tasty life can't have one without the other. What about you?

Joy and peace this Friday!  T.