Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Inspires and Captivates You?

What a gorgeous week it's been! Sunny, yet chill, but not too much so...  I am absolutely adoring it! Right now, I'm sipping a cup of pumpkin spice java, and luxuriating in the memory of a gorgeous fall evening. Yes, I'm referring to last night.

From my patio, I caught the sunlight descending softly upon my backyard.  There, its light shone fondly upon my precious maple tree.  Rich tones of amber, garnet and topaz literally sparkled before my very eyes; how very breathtaking it was!  Its rich beauty both inspired and captivated me, and I wanted to share the joy...

What has inspired and captivated you as of late? Would love to hear about it!

Joy and peace, T.