Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nature's Lesson: Fall=A Season of Transition

Nature teaches me many valuable life lessons--time and time again...  The most recent arrived this past Sunday morning.  Post breakfast on the patio and a spot of reading, I took time to walk my yard and flower gardens.

There, I saw signs of change emerging all about... Included in that observance was the feel of a chill, gray morning--so very much the epitome of fall. I was aptly reminded that this truly is a season of transition.

I have a theory.  It often guides me in life: As in nature, so, too, is it in life.  In the past few weeks, transitioning has played a role in my own day-to-day living: a bit more time in dedicated, quiet reflection, slowing down more often to connect with others (post a busy, always-on-the-go summer), and a return to that mindful quest for knowledge I hold so near and dear (Yes, I am referring to self-education via varied forms).

Summer's not quite left us here in northwest Ohio, though.  Nope! My geraniums are the lushest I've observed this season, and there is scads of green--still all about.  Added to all that: today's high is forecasted to reach 96 degrees.  Wow, I think that is the highest temperature (by far) we will have marked this year!  Speaking of transition... Even though I've already donned a sweater and jacket (or two) in the past few weeks, I haven't packed away my summer clothing, yet.  Today's projected heatwave demonstrates one good reason why!

Transition: to me, it means "the in-between."  That's a nice balance; I think!

Joy and hugs, T.