Friday, September 6, 2013

On Making a Difference

Yes, this pic is blurry, but it's cherished nonetheless!

About a year and a half ago, I attended a charity tea sponsored by the local Women's Club.  As much fun as I had that day--dressing up, sipping tea, sampling baked yummies, savoring a fashion show, and reveling in scads of gal pal chit chat, there's something else that stands out as memorable in my mind.  

Arriving at the event, I was warmly greeted by one of our town's most prominent citizens.  About 25 years my senior, I already knew her well.  We served on a local nonprofit board together, and had both volunteered at an annual scholarship fundraiser for several years in a row.  She complimented me on the outfit I was wearing, snapped a photo of me for their club's archives and thanked me several times over for my attendance (which benefitted the Women's Club Scholarship Program).  Honestly, I felt like a million bucks following that sincere, sweet exchange.  

Yesterday, I paid my final respects to this remarkable woman.  Her name was Joan.  She contributed so much to our community and certainly imparted upon me the difference one's dedicated actions can make.

You might ask what the photo above has to do with this post. Well... It was taken last February at a local chili cook off (a fundraiser spearheaded by several local women's organizations).   Gathered with a few Zonta friends that day to volunteer, Joan (also volunteering) overheard me say I'd like to get a photo.  She offered and took this pic (afterwards adding, "I sure hope it's not blurry!").  Although she's not in this picture, it so makes me think of her and how she strove to make a difference--through her countless gestures large and small.

Joy, peace and love, T.