Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Recommended Evening Cure...

No doubt, how I begin my day sets its tone...  Wrapping it all up, however, with a figurative satin bow
--is comfy-cozy.  Last eve, I treated myself a bit...

Post dinner, I headed to the salon for a pedi.  I call it an instant cure for an incredibly busy day (smile).  I am happy to say my toes are now sporting OPI's Cajun Shrimp (Yum!).

Afterwards, I hit the bricks; headed for a luscious walk outdoors.  A soft breeze, dazzling sunset, and the sweetness of the crisp, fresh air--is still upon my mind.  I even saw a few signs of autumn (leaves fallen underneath a tree + a blossoming mum or three).

I plan on wearing gray clothing pieces both today and tomorrow.  So, I extended the cure a bit further--indulging in a nail polish change back at home.  I even broke out a new bottle of polish I recently bought (Essie's Master Plan).

What simple (yet indulgent) cures can you sprinkle into your evening?  Tonight, I'm headed to yoga class, and I truly cannot wait!

Joy and peace.  T.